KIKK 2018

Signalétique du parcours

Le festival des cultures digitales KIKK 2018 vient de se terminer.
Pour la 1è fois il proposait un parcours à travers la ville de Namur dans des lieux parfois insolites.
Nous avons réalisé la signalétique afin de marquer les différents lieux du parcours.
Vivement le KIKK 2019!

Deli Company

New concept for company restaurants

New project for the Belgian company Delitraiteur.
Concept for a company restaurant chain created by Atelier Blink.

Préhistomuséum de Ramioul

Ouverture du Préhistomuseum début 2016.

Aménagement des zones d'accueil, de la boutique, du restaurant, de la cafétéria, réalisation d'un mobilier spécifique et conception de la signalétique.
L'aboutissement d'un travail de plusieurs années, en collaboration avec Mathieu Gabiot.

Make it simple!

EXHIBITION Make it simple!
> 10 participants - 5 workshops in a forest, a FabLab ... all framed by Studio Simple. Questioning the creative act related to the life of things and the process that generated them. Scenography by Atelier Blink
> Opening: Friday, September 25 at 18h at Maison du Design de Mons
> To confirm: 065/235 100 or



Far from the bustling city, in the Belfry Gardens, a magical event welcomed children for three weeks: the children's island.
Giant caterpillars and swings hanging from trees specifically created for the occasion, invaded the park.

Label Charleroi


A triple exhibition about history, industry and design. As part of "Charleroi 1911-2011. L'industrie s'associe à la culture", the Museum of Glass organizes a triple exhibition at the Bois du Cazier of Marcinelle.
Label Charleroi will present the protoypes produced in the collaboration of designers and entreprises from Charleroi.

Open Doors '11


Atelier BLINK s'est entouré de ses amis Roberta Miss, Bots Conspiracy, Myriam Hornard pour cette édition des Open Doors.

Belgium is Design


Exhbition at the Pinacoteca in Milan, showing all the desigenrs that were selected by 101% Designed in Brussels in the last 5 years.
Curator: Designed in Brussels
Location: Milan

200 birthday party of Peugeot


Peugeot has asked us, as well as 9 other creators, how we imagined mobility in 200 years.
For us, mobility should be light and fluid formally, mentally and physically for more freedom and autonomy. Something close to teleportation.
Virtually our work is more akin to a search for materializing poetically moving vacuum, air, non-material.
Curator: Peugeot
Location: l'Arsenal, Bruxelles

Limited Edition


Présentation de la Knot Collection dans la vitrine du magasin, Limited Edition.
Lieu: Bruxelles, Belgique

Second hand, second life


Participation in the fashion show of "les Petits Riens". Exhibition and auction sale of products made by some 15 designers and 18 designers on the basis of second-hand goods discovered at les Petits Riens.
Curator: Les petits Riens
Location: Tour et Taxi

Design September


Collective exhibit.
Lieu : Bruxelles, Belgique

The Fabulous Destiny of the Quotidian


Given the innate fear of art for everyday objects, how great is the gap between that banal, day-to-day object and the unique work of art, which glorifies all? Could it be that the two are inextricably linked, that the one cannot do without the other?
The Fabulous Destiny of the Quotidian illuminates the tension and the "détente" between the two.
Curator: Musée des Arts Contemporains et Grand-Hornu Images
Location: Mac's

'T Buurthuis


Social interaction by art and design
Commissaire: KOP.NU
Lieu: Breda

Dialogic Park I


Collective exhibit
Curateur : Cédric Libert et Renaud Huberlant pour Wallonie-Bruxelles
Lieu : BetonSalon, Paris

Salone del Mobile


Collective exhibit 'Poussez la porte : le soleil est à l'intérieur'.
Commissaire: WBDM avec l'aide de Giovanna Massoni
Lieu: Piazza XXV Aprile.

Je suis dada, between dream and reality


Design Flandres organizes the exhibition "Je suis da da" - between dream and reality.
Touring exhibition : Decorative Arts Museum of Prague, Turin "world capital of design", design Biennial of Liège, St Niklaas, Milan Furniture fair, etc...
Curator: Design Vlaanderen
Location: exposition itinérante

Design with a Smile


Collective exhibit.
Curateur : Moniek Bucquoye, StichtingKunstboek
Lieu : Musée du Design, Gent, Belgique

De Nieuwe Oogst 2007


Collective exhibit.
Curateur : DesignVlaanderen
Lieu : Bruxelles, Belgique

Belgian ambassy, Oslo


Presentation of Belgian design, together with brands like Quinze, Extremis, Dark, etc.
With the support of Brussels-Export.
Curator: Flanders Investment & Trade
Location: Oslo

Crossover Crosswalk


Intervention graphique sur les passages cloutés
Curateur : Mooz
Lieu : Hasselt, Belgique

Mobilier V


Collective exhibit - galery “La Châtaigneraie”
Curateur : Jean-Marc Huygen
Lieu : Liège, Belgique

Table Talks


Collective exhibit - salon Design Brussels.
Curateur : Giovanna Massoni
Lieu : Bruxelles, Belgique

White Hotel


Personnalisation of the room 12.
Curateur : Promatéria
Lieu : Bruxelles, Belgique



Collective exhibit - Villa Empain.
Curateur : Design september
Lieu : Bruxelles, Belgique



Wall installation "Help your self" fot the Design May Youngsters's fair.
Curateur : Joerg Suermann
Lieu : Berlin



Installation murale dans l’entrée du palais de Rumine.
Curateur : Daniel Ruggiero
Lieu : Lausanne, Suisse

Hotel Paradiso


Collective exhibit – biennale du design de Liège, galerie Flux.
Curateur : Lino Poligato
Lieu : Liège, Belgique



Collective exhibit – installation in the lifts of a parking in Brussels center.
Curateur : Code
Lieu : Bruxelles, Belgique